Global Alliance Survey

Hello Fellow Heritage Interpreters and Interpretive Organizations around the World!

Following discussions at the International Interpretation Conference in Montreal, Quebec Canada and the Interpret Europe Conference in Krakow Poland last year about the formation of an international interpretive organization, we were designated by our respective groups (Association for Heritage Interpretation, National Association for Interpretation and Interpret Europe) to draft a proposal for the formation of a new group.

We are excited to present a draft charter for a new Global Alliance for Heritage Interpretation posted on this site. Our initial draft has been reviewed by the three organizations and we are now ready to present the draft for review by other national interpretive groups and by individuals.

We’d love to hear from you! In order for us to ensure we capture all of your comments in one location, please use this link to fill out an on-line survey about the proposed new Global Alliance. In the survey is a location for posting additional questions which we will endeavor to answer in a timely manner. Please keep in mind that we are volunteers with full-time jobs and family responsibilities just like you!

Thanks for your interest.

Lisa Keys (AHI)
Chuck Lennox (NAI)
Michael Glen (IE)